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How To Fix a Leaking Tap?

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Water is expensive these days and a leaking tap can create a huge bill if not seen to immediately.

Use this DRIP CALCULATOR to find out just how much of your money is running down the drain!

It is very annoying when your taps constantly drip.

A leaking tap can sometimes signal an issue, but in most cases it just means that something isnt working as it should. There's also always the possibility of wasting water.

You might be dealing with an easy fix, like a loose O ring or a corroded washer, or there could be something more serious going on.

That’s why it’s important to hire a quality plumber for any job.

However, if you are set on fixing the issue yourself, and alot of home handy-persons do a pretty good job then here’s a simple guide to fixing a leaking tap, or for any other plumbing problem.

Tip #1 - Your Handy Plumbing Tool Box

There are many things you'll need that a standard tool box won't include, but if you're new to the tools arsenal you may need to purchase or borrow a few things.

You'll need to be a part-time plumber for the whole day. It's best to do this in small steps.

This sounds pretty challenging - but it isn’t, we have it all sorted out for you.

It comes with a handy step by step guide and the tools needed to help you get this fixed. The end result is that you will never have to worry about the water getting turned off again.

Your toolbox should include the following;

  • A washer kit to fit your tap (the most common size is 12mm)

  • O-ring

  • Spanner or wrench (best if it is adjustable)

  • Tap lubricant

  • Screwdriver

  • Jumper valve

Tip #2 - In The Beginning...

The water supply at the main should be shut off. You can find this in the front of your home on the street, in the yard, or inside the bathroom or laundry. Get rid of excess water by turning on the tap. What's the O-ring? Check the pipes for any signs of rust. The issue is if the water is leaking down the tap. This is the washer if the tap is dripping from the spout. You might want to just replace both to be on the safe side, and avoid having to repeat the initial process later.

"Fix a leaky tap in 4 easy steps" by Renovators Store

Tip #3 - The 4 Step Process

Start by using your spanner to remove the tap cover and then the handle. Remove the headgear by unscrewing the bonnet to loosen. You should now see your washer, jumper valve and o-ring.

Start your leaking tap repair

Step 1:

Once removed, take off the cover plate at the base of the stem. If it has been affixed by glue, reach for the pliers to help you get it off without damage.

Step 2:

Replace the washer and/or o-ring and jumper valve with your newly bought parts. Tap lubricant application on the spindle and valve will help to seal the tap.

Step 3:

Be sure to pay close attention to where each part is and how it’s put together, so that you can replace it by just working backwards from how you disassembled them.

Step 4:

Careful not to tighten the nuts and bolts too much when refitting the bonnet and spindle, you want there to be a bit of movement here (firm fit, but not too tight).

Tip #4 - Check your work

When your tap is reassembled with new parts, it is time to check your work. If you have no evidence of leaks or dripping water, turn on your water supply and turn it on slowly. If your tap continues to leak, it is time to call a proffessional plumbing company such as Simple Plumbing, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

You Get What You Pay For

The old addage - You get what you pay for is sometimes so true. However, there is no need to pay a huge amount for a small plumbing fix. Then again, getting proffessional advice and service can and have saved clients $1000s of dollars in the long run, especially if your leaking tap leads to bigger and more destructive issues like water damage. We offer customers a $60 discount off to our first customers and FREE home plumbing inspection so why not contact Simple Plumbing today.

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