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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a call-out fee

We are on call 24/7 and this means you can call us at any time to attend to your plumbing problems. Many plumbing companies charge a call-out fee even if you eventually hire them to fix the problem. Our aim has always been to provide customers value for money. It’s why we have a $0 call out fee if you proceed with the job. This means you don’t have to pay additionally when you call us in to inspect the plumbing installation and handle the job. Our expert, licensed plumber will visit your location, identify what the problem is and provide a quote and you would have to pay only as quoted for the service, without any call-out fee added regardless of the time you call us.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept

We always look for ways and means to improve the customer experience, which is why we make it very easy for you to pay for our services at your doorstep once we have completed the job. You can pay via any of the major credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express. If you prefer, you can also pay via Eftpos as our plumbers carry these machines as well. This wide range of payment options gives you the flexibility to make payments in the manner you like, right at your doorstep.

Can you provide a quote over the phone?

Every plumbing job is different in terms of its complexity, the type of materials and products and the time required for installation, repairs or replacement. For instance, some plumbing installation may be difficult to access which makes diagnosing the problem very difficult. If the fitting is located in a tight spot or pipes are behind walls or under the ground that can increase the amount of time taken to fix a particular plumbing problem. The same rule applies for new installations and the cost of the job will be dependent on various aspects. This makes it impossible to provide an accurate quote over the phone. Our plumbers will physically inspect the site and ascertain what is involved in the work before providing a quote for any plumbing work.

Do You Charge By the Hour?

While there are a number of common plumbing problems that can arise on residential and commercial properties, their causes, severity and so the time taken to fix them will be different. We understand that an hourly rate can escalate the cost of the service especially if the problem is complex and take longer to fix. This is why we maintain a flat rate price where you will be provided an upfront quote at the outset and that won’t change unless something else needs fixed simultaneously or you add some other job at the last minute. This means you know exactly how much you would be paying and won’t be shocked by an inflated bill at the end of the job.

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